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Linda Keen gives intuitive readings and healings via telephone or Skype from your point of location. You can request a private session by emailing her at, letting her know your specific needs and goals.


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About Linda

Linda Keen and her husband, Aart DeWaard, are founders of Mens & Intuitie, one of the largest schools for energy awareness, intuitive healing, and psychic reading in the Netherlands. In 1993, they left Aart’s native land to go live on the West Coast of the United States with their four children. A few years later, Mens & Intuitie was sold to several graduates of the school who continue to keep the spirit of this wonderful institution alive.

In 2002, Linda received her Masters of Science Degree in educational counseling. She consequently worked as a counselor for Foster Youth Services within her local school district to help bring healing and transformation to the grassroots level. This entirely new vocational avenue proved to be deeply challenging for Linda as well as profoundly instructive and rewarding. She has also worked as a regular onsite school counselor since 2003. Her husband, Aart, is busy completing his 13th year as a science (and recently, gardening) teacher at a public Waldorf Methods inner-city high school.

Linda and her husband have four children. They have discovered how a large family has been able to provide them with the constant challenge of bringing spiritual understanding into daily routine. Linda considers this challenge to be the most essential aspect of existence — especially in relation to her healing work, her writing and music. Integration of all that we know and can accomplish remains her mission.

Linda has been featured on national television and radio as a writer and has written five books, two of them children’s books. She has recently completed a poetry collection, Shoving Off From the Shore — A Book of Collected Thoughts. She is also busy with a new children’s story based on life experiences of inner city children.

A quote by Dr. Seuss, who shares the same birthday as Linda (March 2nd):

“Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.” 

“Linda’s love for teaching is her nature. She cannot be otherwise… She uses her own spiritual heartfelt experiences to take you on an adventurous journey within. Exploring all that we are. Giving you creative tools that you can apply in your daily life. Allow yourself to grow with her teachings. Enjoy your journey!”

Anicca Avalon, Palm Springs, CA

“Her words and deeds give instant hope and meaning”

“I have known Linda Keen for many years, not only as a professional, but as a friend. Her words and deeds give instant hope and meaning to anyone who is open to her insightful mind and loving being. I’ve often felt very fortunate to have found her, and to know that people such as her still exist in our increasingly indifferent and cold world. Linda made me believe that miracles truly exist, if only you believe in them and in yourself.”

Judith Gerstenblatt, New York, NY